A Search for the Right Way

Is there such a thing?

I’ve always been taught by life and it’s experiences that nothing is ever black or white. Our moral compass if often dunked in shades of grey and we’re left stranded with no sense of direction. I did not think there was a rule book. But lately, it feels like there are indeed some strong indicators that guide us unintentionally.

Whenever I am faced with a difficult choice, there are often two options. One that feels like it might suck immensely, and an easier one. I hate confrontation, or any sorts of negativity so I’ve always ended up picking the easier thing to do. Like not leaving my hometown for college, not ending a bad friendship, just not taking risks.

Maybe the right way doesn’t feel so right? Maybe its when you’ve got that pit in your stomach you’re doing what you’re supposed to. I have reached this point in my life where I feel like nothing can go wrong. Every high or low is just the path I was meant to take to my rightful destination. The only way I’m going to end up where I am supposed to is by doing things the right way no matter the consequences and irrespective of how hard they are.

Seeing as I’ve only got this one life, I might as well get it right.

– The Obsessive Writer


Memory Lane

Life comes so suddenly,

Capturing you before you know it.

Love, ambition, hope, fear.

A test of everything you hold dear.

There comes a time when things, only happen in the past,

And everything is too good to last.

A time when you are left with more memories than you can hold,

And you speak of life as an adventure untold.

A moment of victory and sorrow,

And all you want is another life to borrow.

Familiar faces fade away,

In a rear view mirror that has too much to say.

People come and they go, but these streets never change.

It’s no wonder that memory is a lane.

© Abirami