The End of an Era.

The times have changed.
I know, that’s an over-rated thing to say: especially for me. In the last few months, I’ve been going on and on about how growing up has been all about tough choices, studying to get into college and facing the “world” whatever the hell that is, I’ve taken too long to notice that in a while I’m not going to be in school anymore…

*dramatic pause*

No more skank walks down the hall way with my so called “possy”, no more pranks on innocent bystanders, no more laughing for the dumbest jokes in class, no more having sarcastic things to say about everything and everyone, no more of these amazing people I’ve spent six years of my life with.. And that is going to suck. I know, like they all say, “we’ll stay in touch” but you know that’s not the same. I’ll not be rolling with this crowd anymore and that’s got me feeling nostalgic.

I don’t recollect ever making a huge deal about knowing them. It didn’t even matter. We were all just together for some reason whatsoever. I realize now, how much they truly mattered. How they’re the reason I am who I am. This place, it’s home. And that is where I know my heart will always be.

I feel like this is my practise good bye speech. Man, thinking of the goodbyes is sort of making my heart ache, quite literally. I’ve never liked goodbyes. But, something tells me these guys can come up with some sort of a interesting twist to just about anything. Oh well, here’s to another beautiful day of high-school or what’s left of it! 😀

Changing the changes.

I will try and stick to my schedule. I promise. Ah, who am I kidding! I apologise for all the delayed posts. But right now, I’m here. So let’s get to it.

“Moving on” is one phrase I will never understand. Obsession is literally my middle name. All this leaves me constantly worrying about making progress in life. People. They make life. Yes, your own life is about what you plan on doing with it. But without those around you, what you did wouldn’t matter. And I tend to let the people in my life affect it a lot more than any average person. I’m over emotional, I get over attached. So you see where I’m going with this.

Choosing the right people is indeed a hard task. One I used to be really good at. You know how some things change? Well this is one of them. I’ve lost some important people. Well, one important person. Whom I’m not thinking about. Nevertheless, I don’t intend on losing the amazing people I have left.

The next task at hand would be working on keeping them. Keeping them doesn’t mean changing everything about yourself to make people happy. It’s more about giving them the best you’ve got. If that doesn’t please them then you’re focusing on the wrong people.


I know I’ve got a lot of work to do. But I am forever grateful to these people who have chosen to stand by me through it all. It’s funny when I realise I was so quick to judge them. People can surprise you. Be sure to give everyone a chance. Live and let live. 🙂 Have a wonderful day!

They Belong to the Ages

One moment he was safe and sound.

The next one they laid him to the ground.

And they called it fate.

To which we men are bait

Sometimes life without them is impossible

Fate taking them away is unforgivable

And it’s like nobody cares

When you’re lost in one of your worst nightmares

Nothing’s forever maybe you can pretend

For the beginning of everything there is an end

Once a man has crossed life’s stages

He becomes one with the ages

At one point we’ve got to move on

This one life isn’t for long

Don’t ever think they’ve just disappeared

They’re right there in your every tear!

*To grandpa : love, 12 year old me*

© Abirami