Day and Night

A raging ball of fire slowly slips into the shadows. The darkness embraces the light, and gives birth to the night. The gold turns to silver, all the noises now merely a quiver.

I hear nothing.

I see no-one.

I am relieved.

Little by little the dark fades into lighter shades, the moon leaves to light the sun ablaze. The world comes to life and with it, it’s strife.

I hear lies.

I see liars.

I am betrayed.

© Abirami.


Dreaming Out Loud

A thought, that’s all it was.

Away it hid as soon as it came alive.

Every now and then you could see it, a frail silhouette in the dark.

Stealing glances out into an unknown spark.

Sometimes asking me, begging you, for a few words;

Words to set it free.

Words to wear so from the heart it can flee.

Making it out through the lips and into the wind with glee.

A mere feeling, that’s all it was.

Like the warmth of the sun or the chill of the rain.

An unspoken emotion, neither joy nor pain.

Simply reminding me, I exist;

Voyaging through new, lonely paths with moments of sunshine and mist.

© Abirami

Love – the first poem I wrote. 

They say it’s the most beautiful thing in the world

And that it brings warmth into a heart so cold

The reason why we celebrate

And the only thing that destroys hate

A little guy called cupid carries it around

It’s his job to deliver it safe and sound

It has the power to link two hearts

And when it does, they can’t be broken apart

This is the only weapon to control

All the deadly evils in this world

Out of swords it can make flowers

That is the might of its power

It’s what a mother feels for her child

And a dancer for his shoes.

What a bear has for the wild

And a fish for the blue!

What is thing so marvelous?

That makes our lives so harmonious,

Don’t u know?

Its love!

© Abirami