Winter is here!

When its all pouring rain and cloudy days,

And the truant sun is rarely ablaze.

When mornings are as dark as the night,

And there isn’t the slightest bit of green in sight. 


When the north wind howls in humble tones,

Through snowy homes and shivering bones.

No children play in the park,

And everything is just too cold and dark. 


Then came a man dressed in red,

With a belly full of jelly and a laugh so merry.

The darkest of  nights, twinkled in Christmas lights.

Trees are decked with presents, and our hearts are content. 


Homes are neither cold nor lonely,

When they’re blessed with the warmth of family.

And if you think of the happy carollers and their songs,

Suddenly, winter doesn’t seem so long!

© Abirami


Winter Dew Drop

All of time is spent swimming across an ocean of discarded ideas; of devastating depths from the intermittent tears of wisdom; creating a silence that drowns out the world with its mystic rhymes; spending long enough soaked in these waters helps formulate a train of thought or two at times. As some do make it up to the sky and then there are some untimely deaths. A glimmer of hope, these incomplete thoughts, that drive my obsession to seek the end. Giving me reason to go over the sickle bend. Unfinished melodies have always been the music I craved, for pleasure fueled by anticipation is the most lively of all.

© Abirami