Changing the changes.

I will try and stick to my schedule. I promise. Ah, who am I kidding! I apologise for all the delayed posts. But right now, I’m here. So let’s get to it.

“Moving on” is one phrase I will never understand. Obsession is literally my middle name. All this leaves me constantly worrying about making progress in life. People. They make life. Yes, your own life is about what you plan on doing with it. But without those around you, what you did wouldn’t matter. And I tend to let the people in my life affect it a lot more than any average person. I’m over emotional, I get over attached. So you see where I’m going with this.

Choosing the right people is indeed a hard task. One I used to be really good at. You know how some things change? Well this is one of them. I’ve lost some important people. Well, one important person. Whom I’m not thinking about. Nevertheless, I don’t intend on losing the amazing people I have left.

The next task at hand would be working on keeping them. Keeping them doesn’t mean changing everything about yourself to make people happy. It’s more about giving them the best you’ve got. If that doesn’t please them then you’re focusing on the wrong people.


I know I’ve got a lot of work to do. But I am forever grateful to these people who have chosen to stand by me through it all. It’s funny when I realise I was so quick to judge them. People can surprise you. Be sure to give everyone a chance. Live and let live. 🙂 Have a wonderful day!

Degrees Of Choices

I find people in general to be very shallow, materialistic in a way and materialistic literally as well.

The obvious question, “Why?” has a very simple answer. A bit crude too. 

We always want the best

Technically, you can call that being smart. Consider two books, you buy the better one because you want to use your money right; a dress, you pick the most colorful and attractive one in your price range; a bag, you pick the coolest one; a phone, you pick the latest one…and it goes on… This essentially is just us, being smart and decisive. 

But then, these aren’t the only choices we make. We always go for the best, or at least desire it in every case scenario. In some of those situations the choices make us look a little bad, like, in a love triangle, between parents in a broken marriage or siding with two common friends in a dispute, a lover, a husband/wife, a kid for adoption, a foster family, an inspiration and such. 

We pick the best in these cases as well, don’t we? It’s not wrong but, it doesn’t seem right either. I know, I know, everything’s grey. 😛 It’s become my tag line lately. 

So, I’m just sitting here, pondering over the fickle human mind. So fickle that in the middle of the post if something more interesting is discovered we continue writing about that! 😀 I’m all for fun. Don’t you assume otherwise. Dropping things that bore me and moving on to the more interesting is like second nature to me. I always prefer the most amount of fun I can get just like everyone else. Sometimes even more! What has me thinking is that in the process of getting to the best part of things we don’t experience it in whole. Take the blog entry for example, as we move on to the more interesting stuff mid-way, what happens to what we started with? That was pretty intense too. Aren’t we losing some revelation by skipping out on that train of thought? 

We settle for something good, apt; then the state of mind gets a little shaky at the sight of something better which we just drop to procure the best! In this process we never really experienced the good, didn’t even get a good look at the better and haven’t really gotten to know the best either. It’s all so incomplete, don’t you think? This at least can be written off as a not-so-big loss. 

What about the above mentioned decisions where the heart comes into play? Does the girl simply choose the better guy? Yes, the ideal requirement is to pick the one she has stronger feelings for but the subconscious mind is always biased to the better one, is it not? 

How about two parents picking a child for adoption? or a foster child? Do they just look through and pick the child with more prospects of a successful life? As cruel as that sounds what other option do they have? It is a bit impractical to try and connect with each child and choose on the basis of some emotional factor. Even then, that as I said will be biased. 

The situation between two parents in the broken marriage is first of all very difficult. It’s something no child should have to go through. It’s hard, but it can’t be helped. Some parents are just oblivious to the pain and they can’t exactly be blamed because they don’t know what it’s like. What does the kid do then? Just pick the parent he/she is more fond of? (if there is even such a thing) In most cases this is a choice that can’t even be made! 

There are the simple choices, the conflicted ones which have a solution, the ones that don’t really have to be made, the ones that solely depend on emotions and then the difficult ones. While making them, all we can say to comfort ourselves of any resulting guilt or conflict would be that, we are only human. Here’s something that echoes my mind:

Do you know where your heart is?
Do you think you can find it?
Or did you trade it for something
Somewhere better just to have it?
Do you know where your love is?
Do you think that you lost it?
You felt it so strong, but
Nothing’s turned out how you wanted
                                         – Say(All I need), onerepublic


Spiritual Realization.

What goes on in your mind every minute of the day? There are people who constantly probe into other’s lives and try to match up to the rest.Then there are people who mask their intuitive train of thought with the hum of a peculiar tune trying not to appear too complicated. Or those extremely talented people who can keep a blank mind and just perceive the world around them. The remainder are people whose category I belong to. The over thinkers. We spend all our time pondering over the vast pool of things one can and sometimes cannot even try “pondering” about. With us, it’s either answering the questions of the universe or figuring out how many breath intakes a song has whilst listening to it. 

As I go on with this journey of thought, the one thing that I constantly find myself thinking and trying to understand is (forgive me for the bluntness) God. Lets say this post is just my way of working out my views on him.

You’d have noticed I said him. Well, that’s partly because I dont wanna say it or her/him. It sounds dumb and also because its always been my father who inspired me, got me to do the right thing. He was and is the only person I fear as well as love. So a man, a fatherly figure is what I’ll ever be able to associate God with. 

Being a Hindu myself, I’d like to start off with what I know best.

One of the most ancient of religions: Hindusim,is dominant in India and has spread all around the world. Rather than just being a set of rigid beliefs it is a collection of ideals and morals that one has to uphold in life. According to hinduism: the creator is Lord Dharma, the supreme dieties are Shiva, Vishnu and Shakthi. The religious practises involve certain rituals some of which appear mundane and some quite simple….

There are endless facts that I couls go on with but the religion is not what I’m interested in. Not for this blog at least. It’s their perception of God that I’d like to go on about. 

The most unique factor about Hinduism is that the religion supports the idea of there being several “dieties” with different specialities.The morals and ideals of Hinduism are explained with the life stories of these Gods, Godesses and their kids. With every life experience comes an untold moral. These dieties are cleverly used as living metaphors for the ideals an induvidual should possess for prosperous living.All the lores and myths revolving around this religion are about doing the right thing even at the hardest of times and not letting emotions cloud judgement. 

  • In the epic “The Mahabaratha” during the Kurushetra war, the Pandava prince Arjunan feels conflicted about fighting against his cousins  and the words of advice from the wise prince Krishna is the famous Bhagavad Gita which is considered to be the holy book of the Hindus. A famous quote from said holy script, “Man is made by his belief. As he believes, so he is.

Belief is any state that is held to be true. It is how we perceieve the world and there is no such thing as good or bad. There is only an attutide on which we base our belief. We only see what is in us, in others and in the world. By being good you will see and experience all the goodness in the world -This is my understanding of the verse. Ultimately God is portrayd as the driving force that pushes us to be good. 

  • Another Hindu epic “Ramayana” is a tale of fidelity between family and friends. It speaks of how unity is the greatest strength and keeping ones word is the most important quality of a noble man. 

Trust. It’s what life’s all about and so is this epic. What i understand from it is that God or that driving force is the trust you have on the people you love and vice versa.  Your capacity is based on how far your loved ones would go to protect and to serve you. And again, by being good and hence being capable of love you can suceed in your life’s goals. 

Another popular religion in India would be Christianity. Although the Indian version of Christianity is slightly bent in comparison to the whole catholic idea, it’s got the same morals give or take. I asked a Catholic friend of mine about what exactly they do in Church every Sunday. Of all that i heard, amongst their rituals, one thing caught my attention. Christians have the practise of asking for forgiveness for their sins. It gives room for the idea of second chances and again portraying god as a power of goodness that is to be feared for he watches over our sins. But he is also forgiving and reasonable. Christianity also like Hinduism uses the tale of its God – Jesus to instill its morals in its people. 

When you sum it all up God in general is an energy or a force brimming with goodness helping people pursue a life of nobility. He is that perfect induvidual, or role model rather, who everyone wants to be like. Isn’t Superman and every other superhero just a humanized version of god? Perhaps, with a little more commerciality? So like the people in the movie who do the right thing out of fear of getting their asses kicked by Superman we live life the right way out of fear for this force of goodness. So, I guess technically, that means that this force isn’t exactly up above in heaven supervising how fluffly the clouds should be. It’s inside of us. The good in us, the drive to do the right thing inside of our hearts (technically minds) is the God around us.