Day and Night

A raging ball of fire slowly slips into the shadows. The darkness embraces the light, and gives birth to the night. The gold turns to silver, all the noises now merely a quiver.

I hear nothing.

I see no-one.

I am relieved.

Little by little the dark fades into lighter shades, the moon leaves to light the sun ablaze. The world comes to life and with it, it’s strife.

I hear lies.

I see liars.

I am betrayed.

Ā© Abirami.


20 thoughts on “Day and Night

    1. That means a lot! šŸ™‚ thank you. I attempted something here that I wasn’t so sure about! šŸ˜€


  1. The night is glorious as it may seem;
    Singing a lullaby as you slip to dream.
    It veils the curse of the prevailing evil;
    For as long as it can until the morning’s upheaval.
    But my friend, no one is born a liar;
    Nor does anyone want to burn in the evil fire.
    For how long can you turn your back to the truth;
    You can’t live forever in the night’s solitude.
    Our lives always revolve round this very attempt
    To make the day as soothing as the night’s descent.
    Everything can’t be ever perfect for you, for me or for all;
    But our good deeds can certainly bring the devil’s downfall.
    Let’s strive for a better world so that we never fear the morning’s arrival;
    Let it always stand for a new day and new hope, a way to drive a change and join as friends, not rivals.

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