Degrees Of Choices

I find people in general to be very shallow, materialistic in a way and materialistic literally as well.

The obvious question, “Why?” has a very simple answer. A bit crude too. 

We always want the best

Technically, you can call that being smart. Consider two books, you buy the better one because you want to use your money right; a dress, you pick the most colorful and attractive one in your price range; a bag, you pick the coolest one; a phone, you pick the latest one…and it goes on… This essentially is just us, being smart and decisive. 

But then, these aren’t the only choices we make. We always go for the best, or at least desire it in every case scenario. In some of those situations the choices make us look a little bad, like, in a love triangle, between parents in a broken marriage or siding with two common friends in a dispute, a lover, a husband/wife, a kid for adoption, a foster family, an inspiration and such. 

We pick the best in these cases as well, don’t we? It’s not wrong but, it doesn’t seem right either. I know, I know, everything’s grey. 😛 It’s become my tag line lately. 

So, I’m just sitting here, pondering over the fickle human mind. So fickle that in the middle of the post if something more interesting is discovered we continue writing about that! 😀 I’m all for fun. Don’t you assume otherwise. Dropping things that bore me and moving on to the more interesting is like second nature to me. I always prefer the most amount of fun I can get just like everyone else. Sometimes even more! What has me thinking is that in the process of getting to the best part of things we don’t experience it in whole. Take the blog entry for example, as we move on to the more interesting stuff mid-way, what happens to what we started with? That was pretty intense too. Aren’t we losing some revelation by skipping out on that train of thought? 

We settle for something good, apt; then the state of mind gets a little shaky at the sight of something better which we just drop to procure the best! In this process we never really experienced the good, didn’t even get a good look at the better and haven’t really gotten to know the best either. It’s all so incomplete, don’t you think? This at least can be written off as a not-so-big loss. 

What about the above mentioned decisions where the heart comes into play? Does the girl simply choose the better guy? Yes, the ideal requirement is to pick the one she has stronger feelings for but the subconscious mind is always biased to the better one, is it not? 

How about two parents picking a child for adoption? or a foster child? Do they just look through and pick the child with more prospects of a successful life? As cruel as that sounds what other option do they have? It is a bit impractical to try and connect with each child and choose on the basis of some emotional factor. Even then, that as I said will be biased. 

The situation between two parents in the broken marriage is first of all very difficult. It’s something no child should have to go through. It’s hard, but it can’t be helped. Some parents are just oblivious to the pain and they can’t exactly be blamed because they don’t know what it’s like. What does the kid do then? Just pick the parent he/she is more fond of? (if there is even such a thing) In most cases this is a choice that can’t even be made! 

There are the simple choices, the conflicted ones which have a solution, the ones that don’t really have to be made, the ones that solely depend on emotions and then the difficult ones. While making them, all we can say to comfort ourselves of any resulting guilt or conflict would be that, we are only human. Here’s something that echoes my mind:

Do you know where your heart is?
Do you think you can find it?
Or did you trade it for something
Somewhere better just to have it?
Do you know where your love is?
Do you think that you lost it?
You felt it so strong, but
Nothing’s turned out how you wanted
                                         – Say(All I need), onerepublic



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