Guilty pleasures

A “guilty pleasure” by definition itself is something that you are guilty of getting pleasure from. Therefore, ultimately it’s always something that’s bad for you. What if the whole logical reasoning is the other way around? To me it’s just the reverse psychology going ballistic on my head. I like things just ’cause they’re bad for me. As ridiculous as that sounds, I know for a fact that many of you can relate to this. Maybe it’s the challenge that draws us rebels to these things that are supposedly bad for us. 

Chick flicks, a bag of potato chips, a one direction song, sexist comedy, popping the bubble wrap before dad seals the package he’s to mail, stolen chocolate, I could go on and on… My list of guilty pleasures is simply endless and so very private as well. 😛

I have a question for you,

What kind of a life do you live?

By that question I mean: 

  • Are you happy content? 
  • Is it the life you want to live?

If I’m asked such a question, I’d most definitely have to say, “NO”. I love my life, I do. I’m very happy and so many amazing things have happened to me. I’d even say that I’m one of those lucky few who’ve been gifted with a rewarding life. Loving, living parents; amazing friends; the greatest bestie in the world; the awesomest brother of all time; a reputation people would kill for – all in all, I can’t really complain. Being a person so many people wanna be isn’t all that bad for me, but I can’t really say this is the life I “WANT”. 

I’d like to live a life where I wake up every morning just because I want to and feel the sunshine on my cheeks; a morning routine with a hearty breakfast and friendly conversations; to be able to just sit by the window with a hot cup of cocoa or have the time to simply stand and stare; to read because I enjoy the entire ride where my life and the storyline of the book just merge; to write just so I can pour down my feelings; to say things only when I mean them; to use words just because I like them; to dress up to satisfy no one but myself; to just lose myself in the beat of the drum and every note of the guitar in every rock song ever made; to feel only what I want to and not everything the world tries to shove down my throat; Say, “yes” only when I really want to; to just be myself every minute of the day no matter who i please or don’t. An indiscriminate life is my number one guilty pleasure.

What’s yours? 




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