Picture perfect

I find myself staring in awe at the world a lot lately, it all just seems so special to me. There’s something so significant even about the little things that happen from the minute I wake up to the one where I go to bed. I have new reasons to be happy, to just stand there and smile about all the things I’m grateful for. The little kid that waved at me as I went to school, the knowing smiles from familiar faces, that perfect joke in class that sends us all wheeling hysterically till we’re frantically trying to breathe again, those silly conversations I cant imagine with someone else later in life.. All the goofy flirting with my high-school crushes. (:D my favorite). Coming home to shove the head phones in my ear and just drown in that perfect, clear voice and then to be shocked, pleased rather when I realize how much I get the lyrics. Or sometimes the song is just perfect in its own way, one such song right now would be, ” Waiting for superman – by Daughtry” . The poetry in it I can’t get bored of!

“Yea he’s still coming just a little bit late. He got stuck at the laundromat washing his cape”

When you’re done reading you should check out the video too.



That perfect scene in a movie. It’s so real that you’re moved, you experience the emotions they do. I still cant get it out of my head, that scene in MOS where little Cal is scared of the world and hides in the closet until his mother comes for him. Those adorable little eyes! I just cant shake them off. I guess I always adored kids


. Another kind of a perfect scene in my opinion would be the ones that just give you this rush with the amount of swag, and word pun there is in the dialogue, you know? An example for this too comes from the same MOS, (Yup, I’m turning into a superman geek :P) would be that final scene where Lois Lane welcomes Clark Kent to “the planet”. I was always a sucker for word pun.

Those climax revelations in mystery novels, that rush I get every time i find out who the murderer is in every Agatha Christie, or Sherlock Holmes novel. They’re probably the reason I like mystery novels in the first place. And of course, its hard not to mention this cause I spend half my life on Facebook. That perfect post, or status update from your favorite page! Nothing matches the rush you get every time I read a #teenagerpost that I can relate to.


You know what I mean? Then of course when I say picture perfect I can’t help thinking in the literal sense. My my Ian Somerhalder’s page updates! 😀 Keep ’em coming buddy.


And finally, time to bring out the big guns 😛 The reason I’m even writing this post would be my favorite show of all time: How I met your mother.For someone who likes the idea of picture perfect things. That show is like candy land! seriously! Its the main theme of it. Almost every instance, from Barney Stinson’s playbook to How ted meets the love of his life. Its all EPIC. I wouldn’t be wrong if I said that show redefined epic! those “Its the dream” lines, the “slapsgiving”, all the Canadian mockery and each of Banrey’s unbelievably long plays. What is fiction? Wikipedia defines it as ” the form of any work that deals, in part or in whole, with information or events that are not real, but rather, imaginary and theoretical—that is, invented by the author.” Fiction is something that doesn’t exist but, would be so cool if they did. The fact that this show makes a mind blowing sitcom with that very guideline is, to quote Barney Stinson, “Legen -wait-for-it- dary!” 😉


As long as these subtle puns and happy accidents keep intervening with the everyday course of living. Life is good 🙂



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